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"I am so glad I went with your service. Yesterday, I accepted a position with a local company here in Chicago. I highly recommend this targeted resume distribution service. Thanks."
- John W., Chandler, AZ
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About - How it Works

Discover the Far Reaching Power of "The Razor Solution"
We take your investment of time and resources very seriously. With more than a quarter century experience in pioneering advanced computer management programs and custom, research-based recruitment and staffing solutions, the executives at RazorHire know the business of human resources and understand that our success depends on your success. Learn more about how RazorHire works to help you find the right career opportunity today.

Start Building Your New Career
With RazorSearch™, it only takes 10-minutes to start building your new career. The process is easy:

Step One: Run a RazorSearch by selecting up to 2 job functions, 12 industries, and 9 geographic preferences.
Step Two: View the RazorSearch results and sign-up with RazorHire by selecting a package customized to your requirements.
Step Three: We email your resume to a powerful network of the nation's top recruiters and employers with our resume distribution system.
Step Four: Use the recruiter and employer contact information to follow-up on your distribution, and view the status reports that are posted in your personalized, private account, readily accessible to you 24/7/365.

You can easily access and review your customized recruiter, employer and corporate hiring manager database as often as you like. Contact as many leads as you like. Our real-time messaging system, RazorTalk, provides you an opportunity to follow-up with your recruiters and hiring managers directly.

How RazorHire Helps You Succeed
RazorHire helps get your resume into a highly influential hiring network by targeting and distributing your resume to those top national recruiters and hiring managers who are seeking to fill positions...
  • in your industry;
  • in your job function;
  • in the geographic locations you wish to work.

    This means your targeted RazorHire resume and cover letter will instantly be put into the hands of America's very best recruiters and hiring managers who fill positions with candidates just like you!

    Delivering A Powerful "1-2 Punch"
    All the top business experts agree that there are two critical employment search strategies you must execute effectively to realize greater success when hunting for your perfect career:

    1) Get your resume into the hands of the right decision makers.
    2) Make a timely follow-up with those decision makers as they are considering your resume.

    RazorHire provides you an incredible opportunity: We give you direct feedback from companies interested in you and furnish contact information to allow you to follow-up with top decision makers in your industry-all at no extra cost!

    Want to make sure you get noticed? Just follow-up with the decision makers who are considering your resume each day! We make it easy for you.

    Online Razor Account Dashboard
    The matching recruiters, employers and corporate hiring managers are saved for the Career Seekers in a personal Razor Account. This data can be accessed online 24/7/365 by career seekers. More than just a list, the "Razor Account" is a searchable, dynamic system that enables career seekers to more quickly manage and find recruiter, employer and corporate hiring manager contacts.
    • We provide you a detailed resume distribution report. Career Seekers can view statistics such as which recruiters, employers and corporate hiring managers have viewed their resume, ranked them highly (or not) and more.
    • We provide detailed company information including: Who, When and How many companies received your resume. Name of the contact person, phone, fax, mailing address, web address and a brief description of the organization of each company who received your resume.
    • Career Seekers can use the secure online messaging system, RazorTalk, to both send and reply to messages without the hassles and risks of e-mail.
    • Each matching recruiter, employer and corporate hiring manager is sent an email which contains the career seeker's position, state, salary desired and a link to the resume. This email is only a reminder - the career seeker's resume and criteria are ALWAYS available to recruiters, employers and corporate hiring managers even if they misplace the email.
    • Recruiters, employers and corporate hiring managers login to their "Razor Account", using the powerful search and sort feature to find the most qualified candidates. Recruiters, employers and corporate hiring managers may also take advantage of our secure, online messaging system to send messages directly to the career seeker's Razor Account.
    • RazorHire promotes your resume and career specifications utilizing a relational database located in a world-class secure hosting facility.
    Best Guarantee in the Industry
    With RazorHire, your resume is saved online for future use FOR AS LONG AS YOU CHOOSE.

    Best of all, your results are 100% guaranteed! We are confident that you will enjoy positive results with our service. Within 90 days, if you do not experience 95% accuracy with our Industry List or get at least 50 recruiter evaluations from our Resume Distribution Report, we will refund your money. And when you secure your new career with a recruiter, employer or corporate hiring manager that has registered with RazorHire, your distribution fees will be reimbursed by your new employer!

    That means when you get a new career through RazorHire, this service is FREE!

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