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The Career Network That Gets You Noticed
If you're currently in the job market or just keeping your options open, here's the little known secret to tapping into the most lucrative, yet hidden jobs available.

In any economy, there are millions of great jobs out there. It's just that many of the best ones never make their way to the job boards or the classifieds. Instead, they're taken by people who know about them before they are ever advertised.

Imagine how great it would be if you had thousands of friends who would always tell you about unadvertised jobs that are a perfect fit for your specific experiences and background.
What The RazorHire Solution Offers You
Instantly Create Your Own "Personal Recruiter Network"
Join the growing list of career seekers who have used our services to create the new careers they have always dreamed about!

Within minutes, you can gain access to the absolute BEST recruiters, employers and corporate hiring managers in the country ... a virtual "Who's Who" list ... and create your own Personal Recruiter Network! These recruiters get paid $1000s and $1000s of dollars to recruit people just like you.

Think of the POWER you will have gained over your job search!

Yes, instead of sitting and waiting and wondering, now you can be proactive with your search.
The Numbers Game
Stop playing the "Numbers Game" - Discover the Razor Solution
The trend for several years now has been for career seekers to post their resume on various employment web sites. These sites then charge recruiters, employers and corporate hiring managers large fees to search for candidates. The result is only to get lost in a crowd of thousands of new applicants who submit every hour. Many leading job boards can receive over 100,000 new candidates EVERY DAY ...That's as many people as the residents of Ann Arbor, Michigan or Albany, New York!

Do you think you will be able to stand out among all that competition and reach the decision makers who really matter?

Clearly this "numbers game" is slow, inefficient and impractical for finding a rewarding career.

But there is a powerful online solution. ... The Razor Solution™.
The Hidden Job Market
Unlock the "Hidden" Job Market
Instead of taking the time to post your resume to all the job boards, then hoping recruiters, employers and corporate hiring managers will use the correct keywords to find your resume, we distribute your resume directly to those recruiters, employers and corporate hiring managers working in your industry. This is targeted, proactive resume distribution to the professionals who represent thousands of companies with great jobs.

Since most of the really "Good" jobs never get advertised. Only those career seekers who know the right people will ever learn of these positions ... and you have the best chance at meeting these insiders with your own personal recruiter network.

Build yours today with RazorHire

Don't spend time researching recruiters, employers and corporate hiring managers trying to find someone to contact about a job. Spend your time interviewing and networking. All the work has been done for you! Click here to sign up.
Working For You
The "Razor Solution™" Works for You
There is no need to spend time researching recruiters, employers and corporate hiring managers; let us do the work for you. You can spend your time preparing for interviews! We provide very detailed information on each recruiter, employer and corporate hiring manager in your personal network. You can contact them via phone and/or fax, or you can use our secure online messaging system through your very own Razor Account. You can even contact them via snail mail if you want.

You Are in Control
That's the key part. You're in control. You can contact these recruiters any way you see fit using the RazorHire personal Razor Account online tool! We would suggest you employ several contact efforts as you never know which one will work the best for you.

Accessing Your "Personal Recruiter Network"
When you sign up for RazorHire and you gain access to your Personal Recruiter Network through the Razor Account, you will see that we have provided you the following information:
  • Recruiter, Employer or Hiring Manager Contact Name
  • Professional Title
  • Recruiting Firm or Company Name
  • Full Address
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Website URL
  • Brief Company Description
  • Recruiting Focus defined by Industry and/or Function.
Over 124,000 Recruiters, Employers and Corporate Hiring Managers Profiles and GROWING! What will this do for your job search? Think about it... you now have several 100 or maybe even 1000's of recruiters, employers and corporate hiring managers all compiled into your very own network of contacts. All this is accessible from your personal Razor Account.
Guaranteed Results
No Risk - Satisfaction Guarantee
With RazorHire, your resume is saved online for future use FOR AS LONG AS YOU CHOOSE.

Best of all, your results are 100% guaranteed! We are confident that you will enjoy positive results with our service. Within 90 days, if you do not experience 95% accuracy with our Industry List or get at least 50 recruiter evaluations from our Resume Distribution Report, we will refund your money. And when you secure your new career with a recruiter, employer or corporate hiring manager that has registered with RazorHire, your distribution fees will be reimbursed by your new employer!

That means when you get a new career through RazorHire, this service is FREE!
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$29.95 Resume Distribution, (4 weeks)*
We will email your profile to recruiters, employers and corporate hiring managers that have registered at RazorHire to receive your information. These targeted leads are matched by your desired job function, industry and location.
$39.95 Resume Distribution Plus, (4 weeks)*
Same as Resume Distribution. In addition, we provide you with 3 more powerful job search benefits: 1) the contact information for each lead in your database, 2) we will track who opens and evaluates your resume, and 3) give you access to the RazorTalk private messaging system.
$49.95 Combo Package, (4 weeks)*
Same as Resume Distribution Plus. In addition, you now have access to our Industry List containing 100s or 1000s of insider company contacts. These are not members, so your resume is not sent to this list. However this list provides you a minimum of one key contact name at companies targeted by their office locations and their respective industries. If you are applying to job ads, you usually don't know who received your resume, so this information can be very helpful because now you have an insider name. We will email your profile to Member Companies and give you access to industry list companies that are not members.
Note: Please verify your RazorSearch Selections before submitting. You will not be able to modify them after completing your registration.
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"This service is absolutely the best way I have found to send a resume to thousands of targeted recruiters at the speed of email. My resume and cover letter were recently sent to recruiters. Within hours, I had eight responses...and they keep coming. If you are serious about finding a job, you have to use this type of service."
- David R., Elgin, IL
"After a very frustrating two months in the job market, I was willing to try anything. So I signed up for this service, and within a few days I started receiving emails and direct mail acknowledgments from recruiters and employers. I have so far received over two positive responses. I am sure that in coming days I will secure a position."
- Richard A., Castle Rock, CO

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